Curiosity Fueled the Art: Part III 🔗

My first trumpet teacher at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music was David Burkhart. There are so many things he told me that were formative of my musical personality, but one in particular comes to mind right now: “When we play, we don’t want to sound careful. We don’t want to sound careless. We do want to sound carefree.” I’m reflecting on this lesson as the world feels more and more frightening. In daily life, we need to be careful right now—careful with our own health, the health of others and the health of our communities. To be careless can mean the difference between life and death, if not for ourselves then possibly for others. And to be carefree? What on earth does that mean anymore, as we remain locked inside our homes with our thoughts and anxieties, not knowing when we’ll be able to safely go out again? …

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